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Corporate Data Protection and Privacy Compliance



To accurately overcome all the difficulties raised by the EU laws and requirements while staying alert to all data protection compliance risks established in the online world

It is safe to say, not every company is compliant with the data protection requirements. Due to rapid advances not only in the technology, but also the expansion of usage in third party vendors, companies often tend to face challenges in compliance to data protection.

Key Topics:

These seven factors illustrated below are key to success.

  • Simply avoiding cross-border data privacy risks; allowing companies to operate effectively and flawlessly as possible.
  • To overcome obstacles of monitoring and controlling data circulated internally and externally.
  • By identifying the most secure security mechanisms available and best fitted to your company structure.
  • Interact and engage on the European interchanges in regards to employee data protection and regulations.
  • Control data breach notifications by simply discussing the employee behaviour and to which extent is employee going to far?

Which mechanism are put in place to control and monitor factors such as employee data? To what extent do you believe the challenges aroused from the online word is impacted the regulations of data protection? In which direction do you believe the data protection will go in the near future and how are you prepared for them?

Designated for the following:

  • Chief Compliance Office
  • VP Compliance
  • Senior Information Risk Officer
  • General Managers
  • Head of IT Compliance

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Event Date 10-23-2014 9:00 am
Event End Date 10-24-2014 5:00 pm
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